Creator Usage Rewards Pilot

Rally is looking to establish a 50K/week rewards pilot program for a period of 3 months with the intent of rewarding creators for innovations, experimentation, and other use cases of Creator Coins. The Creator Review Council would manage this fund and identification of creators to reward, which may include working with the community at large to identify qualified creators.

The core idea is to reward creators and communities that implement novel ways to use their tokens. For example, Selah did a merchandise sale here:

Whether or not the creator’s use case drives significant sales volumes, the idea is to endow the Creator Review Council with the ability to identify and reward Creators for experimentation/innovation in coin utilization.

Let us know your thoughts as to such a program.


This is a great idea. When would you expect for this to start?


I really like this idea.
Can it be seen as an award?
So basically the reward is given after something has been build/executed and has shown what it can do?

The weekly RLY Awards :slight_smile:


YES! I love this idea - it has my full support!

I like the idea to encourage innovative and engaging new uses. As you say it would reward “creators and communities,” do you mean the reward will be a bonus amount added to the Community Activity Reward for that coin?


What an amazing idea. Honestly. I would even contribute to the fund to help encourage innovation!

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This would be an amazing idea. Would love to incentivize innovation like this, I’m sure this could spur a lot of new ideas into the space, and hopefully there is room to promote already existing unique experimentation! Would this reward be in the form of more rally backing the coin a la CAR V1, or an addition to a creator’s current weekly accrued rewards?

Also I think it would be fun to give the week’s winner a little flair or ribbon on their coin’s profile or logo!


I scored some of that Selah merch with 3cr8 coin and think it’d be great if we could support more innovation like that. Great idea! Especially if creators who get grants can share their process and experience for others to benefit from. Would love if we could share some of these rewards out to community members contributing to the development of these projects beyond creators if that isn’t overreaching on scope.
There’s another thread going on multi-creator communities, and I think grants as part of this pilot could go a lot further if we could reach beyond the creator to support innovation in Creator coin communities more broadly.


Love this idea! I have some great quotes around the Misfit Mafia and leading into Mental Health Awareness month of May this could be great for $ADHD coin and the community!

I’d love to test out the messaging and even some cool ways to do merch with a bigger charity or mission!

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Absolutely love this, and can’t wait to see it implemented. Motivation for lean-in is a great use of funds!

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I think this will be a great path forward. As we designed rewards v2, we know we couldn’t algorithmically find creative use cases pioneered by industrious Creators that should be absolutely rewarded. If all goes well, we can extend the pilot, but I think 3 months is a great timeline to start.

I’d love to see us explore some sort of tool, perhaps similar to the app Jauz built, that would enable creators and fans to surface cool use cases all across the ecosystem, and the Council can then determine appropriate rewards.

Excited to see so much support of this novel way to reward Creators and perhaps devs!