Performance Report: PR Firm Accomplishments

Back in November, there was a discussion and then a vote to engage a PR, marketing and communications firm to elevate the profile of the Rally Network through daily strategic content marketing and event management. Kurt Patat, former Head of Consumer Communications at YouTube, was tasked through the Snapshot vote to vet and manage the firm. He engaged Wachsman.

The engagement was premised on the belief that strategic communications will drive the success of the overall Rally project, including additional influential creator sign-ups and consumer participation, as well as establishing trust, transparency and affinity with crypto press and thought-leaders. In addition, the proposal committed to enabling the Rally community assess the success of the services, review KPIs, and authorize the continuation of the activities, with the power to adjust or cancel the engagement as desired. Ultimately, the proposal approved a recurring grant from the Community Treasury - up to a max of $20k/mo - for the retention of a PR firm to elevate the Rally Network’s external presence in a few key areas: 1) global content marketing, 2) global media relations, and 3) global events management.

Almost three months have now passed, and Wachsman has provided the below overview of metrics gathered from their PR activities from Nov. 12 to Jan 22.

Take a look and provide your thoughts on this engagement, and if there are other metrics or data points that you’d like to review to gauge Wachsman’s performance as Rally’s PR firm, let us know.

We’ll keep reporting on Wachsman’s progress on a regular cadence.

Rally PR Metrics: Nov 12 - Jan 22

Media Exposure

  • While working with Wachsman between the period of November 12 to January 22, Rally received 107 relevant mentions and media placements.
    • These media placements include the timely announcements of: Susie Kim, Selah, Gen-G Strike Coin, and Portugal. The Man
      • Portugal. The Man received the most traction on January 15 with 57 unique placements.
    • A placement in ZDNet on the launch of Rally’s community rewards program (8M UVM)
  • Between the period of November 12 to January 22, Rally also received 136 unique social mentions on Twitter.
    • Social mentions coincided with announcements, blog posts, industry commentary, and overall mentions of Rally in the news. The graph below represents Rally media mentions in blue and Rally social mentions in green.
    • Rally saw its peak media engagement on January 15 which coincides with the launch of PTM token.

AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency)

  • The estimated AVE cost of the 107 media placements that Wachsman helped Rally secure is approximately valued at $19.4M.
  • AVE is calculated by multiplying total unique visitors across all publications by .25 – the estimated percentage of the publication’s unique visitors that would have read the article – multiplied by .37 – which is the industry standard dollar amount per article.

Rally PR Metrics: August 2020 - November 2020

  • Prior to working with Wachsman, Rally received 122 relevant media placements between the months of August and November. The estimated AVE cost of the 122 media placements that Rally secured during this period is approximately valued at $8.52M.
    • 63 of these placements are attributed to the launch of KSK Honda Coin.
    • 15 placements are attributed to Rally’s involvement in Crypto Asia Summit.
    • The remaining placements are attributed to Rally’s medium blog and RLY token price movements

Key Successes: November 2020 - January 2021

PTM Coin Launch

  • Notable placements (in terms of total reach) include:
    • A syndication of CoinDesk’s story on PTM in Yahoo Finance (48M UVM)
    • A placement in on PTM’s launch (24 UVM)
    • A placement in on PTM’s launch (10M UVM)
  • Other success metrics:
    • The Portugal. The Man news announcement was among the first blockchain or cryptocurrency feature stories to be placed in
    • consumer-facing music publications including Stereogum, iHeart Radio, and Digital Music News
    • PTM Coin was mentioned in Fortune’s crypto newsletter alongside several highly newsworthy events for the week of January 20

Building familiarity in crypto media

  • Since November 12, Rally has been interviewed by Coindesk (3X), Cointelegraph (2X), and Decrypt (3X)
    • Including one podcast interview with Decrypt Daily.
  • Rally has brought broader awareness to social tokens among key decision makers in crypto. Coindesk’s managing editor Zack Seward wrote his first piece on social tokens for the launch of PTM Coin
  • Rally CEO Kevin Chou was published in Coindesk discussing why social tokens are going mainstream.
  • Rally researcher-in-residence Joon Ian Wong was published in The Block discussing social tokens and the future of media

Share of Voice

  • Between the period of November 12 to January 22, Rally was able to take over the share of voice for its primary competitor, Fyooz. During this period, Rally amassed 107 media placements whereas Fyooz amassed only 47. The graph below represents Rally media mentions in green and Fyooz media mentions in orange.
    • Fyooz saw a steady trickle of media placements from its launch with Lil Yachty. Fyooz was able to maintain media attention by releasing news updates after Yachty’s initial launch such as Post Malone’s manager joining Fyooz, a teaser of Yachty’s NFT collection, and the launch of Lil Pump’s coin.
    • Fyooz was mentioned alongside Rally in CoinDesk’s coverage of PTM.