[PROPOSAL] Extend Bremner Morris for GTM Success through August 31, 2021

It’s been an exciting time for the $RLY community, and much has happened in the past several months. For those of you who haven’t reviewed it yet, check out Bremner’s recent go-to-market update post discussing the progress and accomplishments that he’s been instrumental in leading since his engagement with the community in February.

His original approved engagement with the community was scheduled for 5 months. With the current momentum and cadence of achievements, some community members have asked if he’d be willing to stay engaged with the $RLY community for a little longer to build on the progress already achieved. As before, KPIs would be provided, and he’ll provide an update on results of Go To Market initiatives during his extended engagement. The extension would be on the same terms,166,666 $RLY per month through August 31, 2021, prorated for any partial month. Bremner has indicated that he’d be happy to continue his community engagement through August, if approved by the $RLY community, and would work to set things up for the next phase of the $RLY ecosystem’s continuing evolution.

Kicking off this discourse thread to gauge community support for this extended term - please provide your thoughts. Pending positive feedback, we’ll send this through to Snapshot.


Only 1 question… will he keep the mustache for the remainder of his tenure?


Bremner has set a high bar between the work he’s accomplished and the detailed, eloquent write-ups of his progress and roadmap for the future. I’m glad that Rally can benefit from a few more weeks of his leadership through the summer.

@PhelpsGG Perhaps the mustache can stay when he moves on…NFT?


I think Bremner is doing an awesome job! And coming months are really important for Rally. Why only extend for 1 month? Would Bremner be willing to extend e.g. untill the end of the year?

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I think he was and still is a great addition to the team! Full support from my end!

Aside from the moustache question, is just 1 month enough and would you/he himself consider his job “done”? As I could imagine there’s enough room to grow further in the next couple of momths in his domain.


Absolutely! Why only one month though?


Great to hear the positive feedback on Bremner’s work with the community thus far, as well as the general consensus that there is a desire to retain Bremner through August 31 - a Snapshot proposal will follow shortly.

On the question of whether Bremner could remain community agent after August 31, the intent of his role has always been to work for a finite time on behalf of the community to identify the right strategy and actions to kickstart go-to-market success for the Rally ecosystem. It’s fair to say that his accomplishments, and his commitment to the project and the community, have been epic. Even after his role as community agent wraps up, there’s definitely a hope that he’ll remain active with Rally, and more will come on what his role might be. In the meantime, please join the Friday community call to hear Bremner talk more about his Q2 go-to-market updates.