Engaging Bremner Morris for Go-To-Market success

Hi all, wanted to kick off a discussion about jumpstarting the Rally Network to the next level of growth, outreach and scale, and how to introduce Rally to new creators, networks and communities, while enabling current and new creators to achieve deep adoption and success in the launch and development of their creator economies. This community is breaking new ground, and the Rally Network is poised to reach the next stage of visibility and influence. The issue is that there are very few individuals with the expertise in this area with the proven ability to lay the groundwork to get there.

Enter Bremner Morris, one of the experts in getting creator-focused projects out to market and beyond. Engaging Bremner could be a gamechanger for this community, as he could assist the Rally Network in its next stages of growth, advising on go-to-market strategy and execution across marketing, sales and creator success.

Bremner is a creator tech advisor and an expert at developing go-to-market strategies that help accelerate creator adoption of platforms and technologies. He recently served as the Head of Go-to-Market and Revenue for Patreon, where he built out an organization that drove the adoption of Patreon’s platform and the success of the creators on the platform. He currently advises creator projects Run The World, Playbook Technologies, STATIONHEAD, and Mine’d on their creator adoption, engagement and monetization strategies.

His collaboration with the Rally Network would enable him to use his expertise to build go-to-market initiatives to drive further creator adoption of the Rally Network. In his activities, Bremner would oversee sales and marketing campaigns that will introduce Creator Coin to new, diverse creators and networks, and operationalize creator onboarding, enabling creators to successfully onboard and drive adoption of their Creator Coin economies. Additionally, Bremner would help increase the awareness of Rally’s core value propositions through content marketing and brand marketing initiatives.

Check out Bremner’s LinkedIn and check out his intro video:

The proposed engagement terms will be as follows:

  • 166,666 $RLY per month for a period of 5 months from Advisors and Collaborators pool.
  • Roughly half-time focus on Rally, as Bremner has existing commitments to other creator projects.
  • During this period, KPIs will be established and achievements will be shared with the community for review.
  • At the end of the 5 month period, the community will have the opportunity to evaluate the engagement and, if the community decides to extend the engagement, it can do so through a new proposal.

Please share your thoughts!


I would say:

  1. Extremely important job to be done.
  2. With his background Bremner sounds like a great addition to the team.
  3. You have my vote!
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If I understand the terms properly, 166,666 is $50,000 per month at today’s RLY market price. If he’s spending half of his time on Rally, it is $100,000 per month. How did the team arrive at this number? What percentage of the Advisor and Collaborator pool is this amount and what is the expected return on investment for this engagement?


Token value - When we work with outside talent, and to be clear we’re very focused on decentralizing Rally in every way possible, we generally use a trailing 30-day price to to set the upside consideration. About 7 days ago when we started this negotiation with Bremner, the trailing 30-day was at $0.23.

Obviously the entire market, and the $RLY token, have changed a bit since then, but I think it’s only fair to talent that when the verbal commitment on both sides is made, we keep the token arrangement. This works better for talent in bull markets, and worse in bear markets, but is fair to everyone when we use the same process to determine value.

Overall consideration - Patreon valuation is $1.2B, and his work there was arguably a very valuable contribution to that recently announced value. Executive pay rule of thumb at an early stage is roughly 1%. 409a valuation ranges, but let’s use 50% as a reasonable target for a comparable. So that math works out to be:

$1.2B * 50% (409a) * 1% (exec comp) / 4 years = $1.5M / year. And this is half time, so divide that number by 2 to be ~ $750K / year or $63K / month.

The other consideration is that these tokens vest monthly with no cliff, versus a company would typically put a 1-year cliff on employment (and talent would still need to wait for an IPO or acquisition). So we should be able to pay less tokens relative to more illiquid equity compensation to attract talent.

We can’t pay peanuts and expect great talent. Rally is focused on growing the world most valuable social economic network, and we’ll be focused on getting the world’s very best talent to contribute to growing the network. I hope this helps to explain the thinking behind how we negotiate these deals with future outside collaborators.


Hi, is there any update on this proposal? Thanks!

This passed awhile ago


Thanks Kevin, good to know.