💸 [GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal

$RLY Ecosystem DAO Summary and Purpose:

  • Summary: A decentralized, autonomous organization run directly by $RLY token holders to govern and distribute a periodically refreshed budget for the benefit of the $RLY network.
  • Objectives: Foster an organic, rich community-driven ecosystem of developers, creators, businesses, and service providers for the $RLY Network ecosystem.
  • Business Model: Annual grants from the Association, with the first grant totalling 20M $RLY and $2M USDC.

Primary DAO Activities: Funding projects, companies or individuals via grants to build on top of the $RLY Ecosystem, which includes:

  • Specific Projects: Build on $RLY, support existing projects for specific purposes, etc.
  • Community (Education): Get grants to build elements of the $RLY ecosystem that will help current and future members.
  • Product Launches: Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. We would provide a ~$50K equity-free contribution based on specific milestones for your application.
  • Events and Hackathons: Sponsoring events and hackathons for people to learn about $RLY and build in the $RLY ecosystem.
  • Bounties: Funding $RLY ecosystem specific bounties.

What do we fund?

  • Research: Publishing Reports and Research Papers on concepts like “Engage-To-Earn”, Token Bonding Curves and other crypto-economic constructs appropriate for the $RLY Ecosystem
  • $RLY Token Adoption: Owning the governance process for increasing adoption of the $RLY Token. Eg: Getting $RLY token accepted as an Asset on a DeFi protocol like Aave or Solend, or creating an Index that represents the $RLY ecosystem on Index Co-Op.
  • Developer Tooling: Creating crypto tools that support the $RLY developer ecosystem. Eg: Token Bonding Curve Simulation Tools, On-Chain Analytics for Solana/Eth RLY.
    Projects: Building on the $RLY token and launching a social/defi platform with “Engage-to-Earn” mechanics.
  • Sponsorships and Events: Eg: Sponsoring Eth Denver/Solana Breakpoint events, Funding $RLY events (Panels, Meetups, etc), Sponsoring Crypto Podcasts and Newsletters.
  • Crypto Community Partnerships: Entering into Strategic Partnerships through funding or token swaps with other DAOs like Developer DAO, FWB, etc that are strategically important to the $RLY Network.

What do we not fund?

  • Rally.io or Unite.io specific creator tooling. Eg: a creator coin gating/airdrop tool
  • dApp projects that do not integrate $RLY token.
  • Rally.io/Unite.io Creator Marketing/Content
  • Projects that add Coin utility for the Rally.io community, including Creators, Developers, or Coin holders.
  • Grants requiring north of 1M RLY

How much funding is usually available?
Proposed Thresholds for Grants Funding and Review:

  • Micro Grants - 1-10,000 $RLY: 3/7 reviewers approved
  • Rapid Grants - 10k-100k $RLY: 5/7 reviewers approved
  • Community Grants - 100k-1M $RLY: initial application to a form, posting the proposal on governance forum, community vote to approve.

What is the process of getting funding?

  • Post your idea on the forums to get initial feedback from other community members; tweet at us, message us etc. We usually chat and provide very quick feedback in regards to whether the project would be in the scope of funding.

  • We’ll usually reach out to jump on a video call with you and within 2-3 days within the call, you can expect either a strong yes signal of interest (90%+ which receive this get funding) or a response that it is not a fit.

  • Submit a proposal on-chain through the DAOHaus platform

  • If you get a strong yes signal from us, we’ll likely provide feedback and also have additional feedback for the project before we commit to a grant.

Use this Template for Submission

Technical Integration 
- how to integrate RLY
- timeline
- Github option
Grant Request $
Additional Resources

View Example Proposal Submission

  1. Submit Here: RLY Ecosystem DAO - RLY Discussion Forums
    with: “Proposal: Name of Project” in the post’s Title Section

  2. Will get invited to submit on DAOHaus to receive your grant